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Flagyl is one of the most widely used antimicrobial medicines. Metronidazole is its active ingredient which is an effective antimicrobial and antiprotozoal agent with a wide spectrum of action. It is shown to exhibit high activity against common bacteria like Trichomonas vaginalis, Giardia intestinalis, Entamoeba histolytica, Lamblia intestinalis, as well as in relation to obligate anaerobes (bacteria that don’t require oxygen to survive).
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How its works
Metronidazole acts by disrupting the synthesis of the nucleic acids (building blocks of the DNA) which ultimately leads to the death of the microbes.
Flagyl is available in the form of vaginal suppositories, tablets, gel as well as suspensions. Flagly is rapidly absorbed in the digestive system and reaches 80% bioavailability within the first hour after intake. Food intake doesn’t effect Flagyl effectively. In case of absorption through the skin, the bioavailability is significantly lower after the first hour – at only 12%. The half-life is approximated to be around nine hours.

During transport, Metronidazole hardly binds to blood proteins. It spreads rapidly throughout the body’s main organs and fluids: the liver and kidneys, lungs, skin, bile, semen, saliva, cerebrospinal fluid and even the placental barrier (the ‘bridge’ between the mother and the fetus, so its usage is not recommended for pregnant mothers). Flagyl also penetrates into breast milk so nursing mothers should also consult the physician before taking Flagyl. Patients with impaired functioning of the renal system upon repeated administration of the drug can be observed to have a significant accumulation of metronidazole in blood serum so these patients should keep the usage of Flagyl at a minimum.
Flagyl is indicated in a wide variety of disease. Among the infectious diseases of the central nervous system, it is used to treat an abscess of the brain, meningitis, bacterial endocarditis, empyema and sepsis. For the abdominal cavity, it is indicated for liver abscesses and peritonitis. Among the pelvic organs, it is utilized to counter abscesses of the ovaries and fallopian tubes, endometritis and vaginitis.
Metronidazole, when combined with alcohol causes negative reactions, including vomiting, rapid heart rate and fever. Therefore, before taking this medication one should know about the drug’s incompatibility with alcoholic beverages. Reported side effects of the drug include a metallic taste in the mouth along with dryness, epigastric pain, dizziness and headache , nausea , soreness of the tongue , diarrhea , frequent urination, loss of appetite , irritability, pancreatitis , hallucinations , confusion, incoordination, peripheral neuropathy, ataxia, incontinence, urticaria, fever and nasal congestion.

A word of caution, always check with your physician before taking any sort of medicine to avoid complications or possible life-threatening situations. In addition, the dosageusage cycle of Flagyl varies with the disease it is being used for so don’t self-prescribe. Also, there are several known drug interactions of Flagyl so a physician’s advice, when taking other medicines with Flagyl, is all the more necessary.

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